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Wedding Imprinted Flower Favors đŸ€”đŸ‘°

Wedding Imprinted Flower Favors đŸ€”đŸ‘°

Mandy Mckenna ceramic artist

  • £1500

  • Fresh Flowers pressed into clay to form a natural print
  • Handmade and handpainted 
  • Hung with natural twine 
  • Call the studio to discuss choice of flowers and shapes 07958404969 
  • Ideal for keepsake flowers from your Wedding, Anniversary and Funeral flowers 
  • Wall hanging to use essential oil on reverse, hang against a radiator and your room will fill with the aroma of your chosen oil 
  • Wedding favors for your table setting 
  • Alternative products such as coasters and plaques can be commissioned for you, contact the studio